Federal Employee Retirement / Benefits Consultants

Typically, federal employees start to seriously plan their federal civil service retirement in earnest several years prior to their retirement eligibility date. Others decide early on in their careers to retire early, at age 55 or younger, and plan accordingly to be financially able to leave when the time comes. There are many issues to consider prior to retirement and one of the primary concerns is whether or not you can live comfortably on your annuity and other income sources after you leave government service. Other key concerns are protecting your loved ones if you should die unexpectedly (estate planning and final arrangements) and what you will do in retirement.
Our Team of Federal specialists are thoroughly trained in the Federal Benefit Structure and proudly serve the region’s Federal Employee community. Our Federal Benefit Team are all Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consulants, ChFEBC. Federal careers offers uniquely valuable benefits and our team of advisors can help you maximize those benefits.

Our advisors will provide a complete understanding and show you how to coordinate the following.

Types of Services

Thrift Savings Plan, TSP:

Reviewing your current allocations and assessing your risk tolerance.

Explaining the different funds available to you within the TSP.

Assist in maximizing your potential within your TSP in coordination with your other investments.


Retirement benefits defined and explained by one of our professional Federal Consultants.

Providing a tax analysis comparing your taxable income today to your projected income in retirement.

Helping you decide if the Survivor Benefit Pension is right for you.

Reviewing FERS Social Supplement payment calculations.


Reviewing your current benefits in detail.

Discussing the supplemental benefits that are available and the cost associated.

Reviewing any personal policies you may have and comparing them to your benefits at work.


Reviewing the basic FERS/CSRS/CSRS Offset disability retirement benefits and helping you decide if supplemental coverage is necessary.

Reviewing any personal disability policies you may have and comparing them to the governments plan.

Explaining how Social Security Disability Income can affect any disability income you may receive.

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