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Time Value of Money Series

Introduction to Interest

The difference between simple interest and compound interest; why compound interest grows so quickly…

Introduction to Continuous Compound Interest

How and why interest compounds over various time periods with a more detailed examination of the math…

Interest Part 2

How to develop the formulas behind simple and compound interest, and an example of the striking…

Introduction to Present Value

How to decide whether it is better to have a sum of money today or in the future.

Present Value Part 2

How to calculate the present value of different amounts of money received at different points in time.

Present Value Part 3

What happens to the present value of money when you change the discount rate or interest rate?

Time Value of Money

The value of money received at different points in time, give a certain interest rate; present value vs. future value.

Introduction to Compound Interest

What compound interest is, how it works, and the math behind it.

The Rule of 72 for Compound Interest

How and why the Rule of 72 is an easy way to estimate the impact of compound interest.

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