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Investing Series

What it Means to Buy a Company’s Stock

Stock ownership defined and how the price of a company’s stock is determined.

Introduction to Bonds

What a bond is and why an investor might what to buy one.

Treasury Bond Prices and Yields

How bond prices change and interact with interest rate fluctuations. Learn why interest rates go down when bond prices go up.

Relationship Between Bond Prices and Interest Rates

Why bond prices and interest rates move in opposite directions.

Bonds Versus Stocks

The difference between a stock (ownership of a company) and a bond (lending to a company) with an emphasis on what a bond is and how it works.

Open-End Mutual Fund Part 1

What a mutual fund is and how it’s created.

Open End Mutual Fund Redemptions

How mutual fund shares are purchased, how they are redeemed, and how their prices (net asset value) is influenced.

Exchange Traded Funds

What an exchange traded fund is, and how it’s both different and similar to a mutual fund.

What is Inflation

Inflation defined and how it’s calculated.

CPI Index

What the consumer price index is and how it’s determined.

Moderate Inflation in a Good Economy

Why good economies tend to generate a reasonable amount of inflation.

Ponzi Schemes

What a Ponzi Scheme is, how it works, and an example from Bernie Madoff.

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